The Magician; An Ax To Grind, Volume 1

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Web Exclusive Comics
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Don’t ask me where the idea for an ax-wielding, elderly hit man came from.  Don’t ask me because I don’t know. However, the Pink Floyd reference was intentional.

D.N.S. and I would like to sincerely thank Philip Andrew Nolte for coming on board and really giving our little comic the shot in the arm that it needed. Philip was a godsend and provided the services we sorely needed…editing and lettering. Both done at a professional level to boot! Please check out the talented Mr. Nolte’s blog, where you can find out more about him, his comics projects and more. Also, do yourself a favor and follow him on Twitter @PANolte or by going to

If you like the Magician and want to see the continuing adventures of Eugene, keep your eyes on this blog. The Magician is one of the many tales we plan on telling!

Fifth Dimension Comics proudly presents:

‘The Magician’
An Ax To Grind, Part 1

Writer/Co-Creator: David M. Brown (

Pencils/Inks/Colors/Co-Creator: D.N.S. (

Editor/Letterer: Philip Nolte (


00 - page template (single)

02 - mag2redo

02 - mag3 copy

00 - page template (single)

02 - mag5

02 - mag5


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