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The day is finally upon us, our Kickstarter campaign for ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ has now gone live! It’s been a long, long road getting to this point! Please consider pledging to support the book, everyone here at 5d Comics is extremely proud of it and we’ve all worked very hard on it. If you can’t afford to pledge, helping spread the word is also appreciated!


Thanks to every single one of you!


With the ‘Beasts of Baxley’ story starting to pick up steam, we figured it was time to show off the cover page for it. Of course the credits for BoB go to Ari Carr and D.N.S. So without further bravado from me, here it is!


Hey everyone!

Just thought I’d let you know that next week, our Kickstarter campaign for ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ is scheduled to go live! We’ve got lots of great rewards lined up for you guys and we are all pumped to get this thing going.

We’d really appreciate it if you’d consider pledging to the project! I’ll post the Kickstarter link here when we take the campaign online. Thanks so much for considering pledging…the book is going to be a thing of beauty!

You guys are the best 😉


Review: The Magician

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Reviews


5D - The Magician (Preview)-1

Writer: David M. Brown
Artist: D.N.S.
Letters: Philip Nolte

Earlier today, while on my break from selling tickets, I received an email from the writer of this book and co-founder of Fifth Dimension Comics, David Brown. Attached to the email was this comic. The Magician is a short six-page comic that I believe is planned to be part of a larger anthology collection. Fifth Dimension Comics will be launching a Kickstarter project in September sometime for this anthology.

Eugene Roberts is the titular Magician whose big trick is making people’s problems disappear. This short story follows Eugene on what, for him, is an average day. I don’t want to say too much about the story as it would take away from the reading experience, I feel. However, I will say: The Magician is a dark, haunting tale and well worth a read.

While there’s not a great deal of dialogue…

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