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From everyone here at 5d Comics, have a great Halloween, Heathens!



Chewler by David M. Brown

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Reviews

Excellent Chewler review!

Lord of the Reads

3cf46c7aeb97f7b8bb3ba83d83ab60e5_largeGraphic Novel: Chewler
Writer: David M. Brown
Artist/Co-Writer: Shannon Gretzon
Letterer: Sean Fagan
Publisher: Exspastic Comics / 5th Dimension Comics
Year of Publication: 2014
Price:  TBC
Pages: 88
Review by: Jason R. Vowles

In a nutshell: The ultimate indie comic discovery. Bizarre, artistically inventive, visually orgasmic boasting a hilariously comedic story line about drunks, super-computers, aliens and a dead Nazi dictator.

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Let’s make Chewler happen folks!

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Shop

The Gravy Age

There is a new Kickstarter going on for Chewler a new book from friends of The Gravy Age David M. Brown (author of the creepy Obscura, that I loved) from Fifth Dimension Comics, with art by the brain-melting Shannon Gretzon from Exspastic Comics (that I interviewed here) and letterer Sean Fagan (who… isn’t Donald Fagan from Steely Dan? I didn’t think out this parenthetical ahead of time). What’s not to love about this book? Nazi’s? The internet loves those! I dare you to get into an argument online and see how long it takes for them to get mentioned. Aliens? Look, if you don’t know they run everything. Clones? Everybody wants a clone, but one that’s just dumb enough to go to work for you, because face it, it might rain out there and you don’t want to put on pants, besides, Rockford Files is on. Go check…

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Posted: October 15, 2014 in Web Exclusive Comics
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Here at 5d Comics, we like to give you presents for the holidays…especially a day like Halloween which is firmly rooted in evil. With that said:

Fifth Dimension Comics proudly presents:




David M. Brown – @5dComics

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Hey everyone, did ya hear? The Kickstarter for our new graphic novel, Chewler is live! Go get some!!

cov3_temp (3)

Hello Heathens!

A while back, artist Shannon Gretzon (The Disgruntled Avenger, Completely Inaccurate) and myself (David M. Brown, ‘The Wisdom of Fools, Obscura’) decided to come together and create something that we both feel akin to…something odd…something insane. Half out of a dream and half out of imagination, ‘Chewler’ was born!

The Kickstarter for the graphic novel of ‘Chewler’ is just about ready to unleash itself upon an unsuspecting world! So if you’re in the mood for a balls out insane adventure involving clones, bots, tentacle monsters, skinheads, cats named Curly and a freeze dried Hitler, you’ll want to keep any eye on this very space. When the Kickstarter goes live, I’ll post up a link here!

Of course you can keep up with us on Twitter and get updates as they happen!