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Kali is one of the newest and one of the coolest looking new webcomics we have coming out here at 5D. With a  page once a month, this awesome story is gonna unfold throughout the year, and based on what creator Erica Crockett told me in a recent interview, it looks like we’re gonna be on one hell of a ride!

(Interview by Ari Carr)


kali - 01


AC: Tell me about Kali. What sort of story can the readers expect from you?


EC: Kali is one of my older graphic story ideas.  It’s several years in the making, having had setbacks and bumps along the way to seeing it made.  I would say that Kali is very typical of my sort of storytelling.  It deals with violence, issues surrounding babies and children, sexuality, and it’s heavily influenced by spirituality and cultural norms outside of the Western worldview.  Readers can expect a lot of blood and a lot of twists in the plot.


AC: You have one hell of an opening gambit with Kali! Will it always be so action packed and mysterious?


EC: I like my beginnings to really strike the reader.  The preteen narrator that we know only as Kali needs to share some of her world to lay the foundations for the rest of her tale.  As the pages get inked, more plot will unfold.  But action-packed mystery will certainly be a major factor in the series.


AC: What influenced you to write Kali?


EC: Kali came about when I was looking into travel to India.  I was also enamored with mandalas.  Couple all that with an interest in gangs of children and it sort of fell into place.  I liked the idea of the youngest members of society having the most power and what that would do to a community of desperate people.


AC: How does it differ from your other work?


EC: The narration of Kali is more delicate than a lot of my other pieces.  Part of that is due to the voice I hear from the second youngest, our narrator.  She wields a sickle, takes the heads of babies, but at her core, she’s more than a brute strong-arm of her boss.  I’ve also never written from the perspective of someone as young as Kali.  However, with the world she lives in, that innocence of youth is long gone.


AC: What sets Kali aside from other webcomics?


EC: I think the primary difference that readers will see as the comic progresses is the sheer depth to the story.  I’m not saying this to come off as snotty or more literary than other creators of webcomics, but when I began Kali I planned layers deep.  This story involves Hindu mythology, struggles with puberty, use of mandalas as sigils, infanticide.  And these are just some of the tropes showing up in the comic.  This is no weekly laugh strip.


AC: How does Kali fit in at Fifth Dimension?


EC: David Brown and all the other great talents involved at Fifth Dimension always have me impressed with their professionalism and their consistent, quality work.  I’m happy to have Kali join ranks with all the goodies already in play on the site.


AC: What has your experience of creating Kali been like?


EC:  It’s been rough getting Kali off the ground.  I had some rocky starts and stops with other artists but I’m happy with the work of [artist] Jason Themm and [letterer] P.A. Nolte.  I couldn’t bring these homicidal street kids to life without those guys.  It’s been nothing but a pleasure since we started this venture earlier this year.


AC: Why did you decide on a monthly release for Kali? I know I’ll be waiting with baited breath!


-EC: Part of the reasoning behind a monthly release is due to limitations on Jason’s time he can throw at the story.  This is fine by me.  I juggle writing other comic scripts, short stories and novel rough drafts myself.  A weekly release would be lovely, but the monthly roll-out lets us release pages of consistent quality and let the interest in Kali build into a roiling boil!


AC: Do you have any plans for a physical copy?


EC: I’d love to see Kali in physical form.  If all goes well and we get good feedback from readers, there is always the possibility of collecting arcs into anthologies.  If I had it my way, Kali would be several anthologies long.  But I’m only one part of the puzzle.  Hopefully there will be hard copies of Kali on many bookshelves sometime in the not-so-distant future.


AC: Lastly, do you have any teasers for us readers? What can readers expect from Kali?


EC: Ah, what can you expect from Kali?  Well, lots of people die.  The end.  No, really, as the story unfolds you will get more of Kali’s past, see The Youngest in action, and learn what Kali is willing to do for her boss and what pushes her over the edge.  All of this will be set against a background of a seething populace anxious for a new social order.  And there will be a VERY awkward one-sided preteen romance. You’ve all been warned.


Thanks for checking out another 5d creator interview! I’d like to personally thank Ari Carr for all her hard work and dedication.

If you want to dive into the world of ‘Kali’, you don’t have to go far because you’re already on it’s home site…here is a link anyway:

As always, please check out our creators other work and give them your support. Indie only survives if fans of the work are into it!


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Our resident journalist, Ari Carr recently got a chance to sit down and have a chat with Fifth Dimension Comics co-founder D.N.S.  Read on!


Artist extraordinaire, full-time weirdo and all round great guy DNS is one of the core members here at Fifth Dimensions, and without him, we’d be lost. I wouldn’t have my Beasts of Baxley webcomic. There wouldn’t be the awesome art we have on The Magician. Things would generally be less awesome without his twisted insight. I recently interviewed DNS on art, comics, and what makes him tick…

AC: Tell me about your projects with Fifth Dimension.

DNS: The projects… Well so far, most of what I’ve done with 5D went into the Wisdom of Fools book, but other than that, me and David (Brown) plan on following up The Magician so I’m looking forward to getting into that later this year. As for other projects, I’m pretty easy going so if something comes and I think I can do it without fucking it up then I’ll do it and drag my hairy knuckles around the page for a while and try and make sense of it.

AC: What do you enjoy working on?

DNS: I enjoy most of what we have done so far, but some stuff more than others, but that’s natural. I get a kick out of doing Punk N Hood though. It’s so random, it just makes me smile while doing it.

AC: Tell me about the art book you plan on releasing. What’s the inspiration behind it?

DNS: Ahh, okay, the art book! Well, what to tell really… I’d like to say it has some sort of agenda or secret plans inside to give you a better life, but truth be told it’s fairly random things that strike me as fun at the time. In an average day, I maybe draw and finish around six pics so this book is the place to put them for better or for worse.

AC: Do you plan on using Kickstarter or a crowd-funding process to get it made?

DNS: I’m not sure if the book will be in print or download as yet, but I would love to see it go into print. It just depends on how many people wanna see my random scribbles without saying something like “shit man, was this drawn by a kid, or a chimp with better than average motor skills?!”

AC: What sort of art do you like creating the most?

DNS: I pretty much like doing any art I really don’t have a preference at all. If I’m into the subject and I can get my around it or feel I can do something with it, then I go for it. I think most of what I do should have the disclaimer warning ‘results may vary’ haha.

AC: Is there any work you’ve done with Fifth Dimension that you’re especially proud of?

DNS: I’m proud of everything that I have done at 5D since me and David met and had a little dream and thought it could happen and everything rolled from there! So yeah, I’m proud of it all and everything everyone has done for it.

AC: What’s your favourite title you like making art for?

DNS: Favourite title… I’d say The Magician mainly because between us we kinda know where he is going and what he’s about. Plus, I get a kick out of drawing him! It’s cool and he came pretty easily.

AC: Is it difficult to create artwork for the variety of webcomics you work on?

DNS: Ahh, the webcomic! Well as you know, seeing as we do one of them together, they’re fun things to do! I always wanted the ones I was involved to be breezy, that’s why when I approached you, I had the stupid idea to have it limited to three panels a week, so it sorta had that ‘daily strip’ feel to it, though I’m not too sure if that comes across, but that’s down to me and not you haha! But no, to be honest, it’s not hard to do. If anything, they’re more fun, mainly because they’re shorter.

AC: What do you hope to bring to Fifth Dimension with your art book?

DNS: I’m not sure the art book will, or even intends to bring anything other than a look into a bit of my work away from doing strips. Hopefully it will be seen for what it is- a bit of fun! I’d like it to be the kind of book that is taken into the bathroom- y’know, help pass a few minutes a life and maybe puts a smile on your face… Or a frown. I’m good for either!

AC: You have a very unique art style. What has influenced your style?

DNS: I’m not sure on my influence. I kinda magpie things I like, and there’s so much stuff it’s hard ot pinpoint. I love Ash Wood a great deal, but also I really love Bill Watterson, so I don’t know. It’s really hard to pick just one. If something grabs my attentions, be it art, writing, or a song even, I tend to go a bit bat-shit and collect all I can on that person or person’s work, and somehow that all spills out in some way. Whether it’s apparent or not in the work, but it’s all there if you look really close.

AC: Lastly, do you have any teasers about what we can expect from you in the future?

DNS: Hmmm, teasers… Well other than The Magician follow up, there is a story I’ve been daydreaming over for around fifteen years now called Poughkeepsie’s Blues I’d really like to get that out there! Other than that, hell, I have no idea! Probably the same ol’ horseshit from me ‘till someone puts me back in my box and hides me away until I’m needed again, haha.

AC: Do you have any messages for the readers?

DNS: Cheers for the little chat! I would just like to thank everyone who reads the blog and got the book for their support, it really does mean everything to me and all of 5D, so thank you, cheers and beers!

You can get an eye full of D.N.S. on Twitter @portless or visit his kick ass art shop at

Need more Ari Carr in your life? Of course you do. Follow her on Twitter @ariellalphabet. Then you must check out her beautifully written comics reviews and discussion over at her website


Sneak Peek at Plague Doktor + Chat With Creators

Interview by: Ari CarrBijvitKCAAAbpdr

As I’ve already mentioned in the previous blog, we here at Fifth Dimensions have a lot of awesome stuff coming your way this year. With more web comics, new features and more titles than last year on the way, I chatted to head honcho David M Brown, writer of new comic Plague Doktor (set to hit later this year) and artist Dennis Coyle III about their new project…

AC: What can you tell us about Plague Doktor? What’s it about?

DB: Without giving too much away…Plague Doktor takes place in the 13th century during the ‘Black Death’ plague. It’s essentially the story of a young man named Nils and his struggle to understand his lot in life. He’s a traveling plague doktor who moves from town to town attempting to ease the pain of the infected. He continuously encounters a very strange, hideously thin figure that always seems to be one step ahead of him. This is where the story starts.

AC: What sort of story do you hope to tell with Plague Doktor?

DB: Well, when writing Plague Doktor, I was feeling very inspired by an odd mixture of personal experience, mythology, history and the work of David Lynch…ha! I wanted to basically tell a very personal story about moving through life always feeling like the odd man out…always feeling like you were meant to do more with yourself. Going into the writing process with those things in mind, Plague Doktor came out!

AC: David, you say this is your strongest script so far. What makes you say this?

DB: I hope that doesn’t sound too arrogant! It’s true though. Everything I tried seemed to work with this script…from symbolism to foreshadowing, everything just seemed to click. Usually when I reread a script I’ve written after it’s finished, I’ll endlessly pick it apart and hate myself for making this bad decision or that bad decision. That doesn’t happen with Plague Doktor! Every time I read it, I just get more and more excited to release it.

AC: Your stories often contain very dark humor and dark storytelling. Are you using this type of storytelling in Plague Doktor?

DB: Plague Doktor is the epitome of dark and gritty. It’s sort of funny that everything I write is dripping with darkness and death…I’m a nice, happy guy! In short, yes, if you like my past work, you’ll find a lot to love in Plague Doktor. I wouldn’t say there is much in the way of humor in the book…once you read it, you’ll see why humor has no place in the story.

DC: After having read the script numerous times I really can’t pick out much humor in it. That’s not a bad thing at all. I’m fine with just drawing the dark.

AC: What was the experience of creating Plague Doktor like?

DB: Frightening! Like I said, this story is very personal to me in a lot of ways so seeing myself in the characters was a bit scary at times. But you know, at the end of the day, we are making comics and the creative process is always fun. My writing process for Plague Doktor was largely the same as always…lots of research and historical data went into the script.  In addition to that, pouring over layouts and thumbnails with Dennis has been a fuck-ton of fun. He’s a great guy to work with…he really gets the material and is the consummate worker.

AC: What do you hope to bring to Fifth Dimensions with this story?

DB: I hope to add some more depth and diversity to the Fifth Dimension Comics line up with Plague Doktor. It’s my pipe dream to have it be the ‘prequel’ to a series of stories that are coming down the line.

AC: Dennis, what has it been like doing the art for this story? The teaser image looks amazing!

DC: It’s been great so far! David has done an amazing job with the writing and our joint interest in the subject matter makes it all the better. I love the script and I feel the direction I’m pushing it artistically really compliments it. The entire story is thumbnailed and I’m moving into final pages soon.

AC: What sort of style did you have in mind for the creation of Plague Doktor?

DC: I’m taking a heavy cue from noir comics for the bulk of it. I’m borrowing grunge elements and trying to keep the entire thing sort of… warped, just like the contents.

AC: Do you have any plans for a physical copy?

DB: The plan is to hit Kickstarter with it! Readers can expect the same level of quality as we achieved with ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ and if we reach enough funding, hopefully a hardcover!

DC: I think we are looking into options for a physical release sometime around summer.

AC: Lastly, do you have any more teasers for us? What can the readers expect from Plague Doktor?

DB: 5d fans will find a lot to love about Plague Doktor. If you like dark, gritty story telling with incredible art, look no further. Beware the mark of the plague!

DC: I have nothing more to tease just yet, but I will soon. I think readers can expect a dark and morbid tale rife with twisted intentions. Anyone that has enjoyed 5d’s previous work and fans of horror in general should definitely enjoy this.

So there you have it, boys and girls. The new tale from 5D will hit soon, and it’ll be a twisted historical game of cat and mouse, and will feature some jaw-droppingly awesome art by Dennis Coyle. Watch this space for more information…

As always, please check out what Ari is up to on her excellent blog! and follow her on Twitter: @Ariellalphabet

2013 was a banner year for us. With the success of our Kickstarter project, The Wisdom of Fools (read a review of the book on my site, and the beginning of a variety of new, awesome web comics, we’ve decided to make 2014 even better. Filled full of more comics, short- and long-form stories, amazing artwork and more. Boy, do we have some things planned for you.

Following on from the success of The Wisdom of Fools, we plan on putting together another anthology. Our main focus will be upon our ‘evolved anthology’ called Ascension: Tales from a Dying World, which currently has eleven creators attached. The anthology will feature a series of stories which all take place in the same world, and at some point, all of the stories will converge, to create a linked universe. Ascension will be one of Fifth Dimension’s brainchildren for the year, and having read the first story (written by David M. Brown and with art by Sean Seal) I promise you, you will not want to miss out on this fantasy/sci-fi epic.

There are also very loose plans for a follow-up to The Wisdom of Fools, and this time, it will be a sci-fi anthology. However, with the current workload focussing predominantly on Ascension, The Wisdom of Fools 2 will be sitting pretty on the back burner.

Fans of The Magician rejoice! Everyone’s favourite surly hit-man will return in his own on-going web comic called Closing Down, and will be written by Brown and with art by D.N.S. Again, this project is on the backburner for this year, but we plan on releasing some pages before the year is over.

Adding to our army of web comics, there are several new ones on their way, as well as all the usual’s. The new title, Kali, will be from Erica Crockett and Jason Themm! The others are still too early to be announced but they are on their way.

Like your comics a bit off the wall? David Brown and Shannon Gretzon have got you covered! Their insane new book titled ‘Chewler’ is on the way. Aliens, Hitler, a computer named Grandmother Supreme, a cat named Curly and tentacles. Prepare yourself.

Last but not least, Dennis Coyle III and David Brown will be releasing a 44 page story called Plague Doktor (the eagle-eyed among you may remember seeing a teaser for this in The Wisdom of Fools!). Touted by Brown as being one of his best ever scripts and with jaw-dropping art from Coyle, we here at Fifth Dimension Comics are very, very excited to bring this new project to our readers.

So there you have it. We’re gonna make this year ours, and the world is never quite going to be the same again…

-5d Comics is eternally grateful for the hard work of the lovely and talented Ari Carr! Follow her antics on Twitter @Ariellalphabet or on her excellent website:

Hey everyone! One of our (and many other independent creators) biggest supporters is a great guy named Patrick Russell. Patrick is blind but still finds a way to help out others. He is blogging and tweeting non-stop about indie projects and helping spread the word for creators like us. Nobody asks him to do it, he just does it because, like I said, he’s a great guy.

Well, that same great guy who helps everyone else out needs our help. Patrick is losing his home and his pets. If he doesn’t come up with enough money, he will end up in a hospital and his pets will likely be put down.  Clearly, this would be a horrible thing and we’ve decided to help in the only way we can…by spreading the word and putting a charity together.

First and foremost, you can donate directly to his fund at:


Buy a copy of The Wisdom of Fools from here: between now and Monday, Jan. 6th and 100% of the proceeds go to Patrick


Purchase any of the following original black and white art from us by emailing with the details of which piece you’d like (every cent goes to Patrick):

Breaking Bad by D.N.S. – 8×10 on Bristol. $50  SOLD!

-Santa’s Close Call B&W original art pages (each panel is a full page!) by Sean Fagan – $30 each

-Geist B&W original art pages by Jeremy Mathes – $30 each

(All pages shown below)

Here is Patrick’s story:

“We have been trying for over 18 months to figure out some other living arrangement. Costs of property and houses here are way out of our price range. Section 8 help has a 6-12 month waiting. So we got the idea why not put a used mobile home here beside the house and then tear the house down. We called over 300 charities, 200 plus churches and religious places, and contacted every local, state and federal agency to find a loan or some way to pay for a mobile home.

After almost year we finally got a grant for part of the cost and was going to finance the rest when Granville said we could not put the mobile home here. Since the grant was to put the home on HIS OWN land we could not use the money to put it in a park. The mobile home company got tired of waiting and sold it.

We had to start over in September 2013. We decided the best thing to do would be sell the house and buy something else. It has been very hard to do. There are very few affordable houses here and now time has run out. Today Patrick was served written notice that on Monday Jan. 6 the city is condemning the house.

Unless we can find a place to move and money to pay for it, Patrick will be going to the hospital, the older dogs will most likely be put down and I will be going to the homeless shelter.”

Please help if you can!

Up first are Sean’s ‘Santa’s Close Call’ pages…remember, each panel is a page that you can buy! Just email me at and put Patrick in the subject line.







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Did you miss the Kickstarter? Are you looking for a different kind of comic? Embrace the indie!!

That’s the link to my dream becoming reality. Sometimes I just stare at it and wonder who out there is contemplating clicking it and pledging towards something so special to me.
We’ve come a long way!

71% funded! You read that correctly! We are 71% of our goal with 19 days to go! I’d like to thank each and every one of you who’ve pledged or helped spread the word, we literally couldn’t do this without you and I WILL make this book worth every penny! I won’t lie, the Kickstarter campaign has been rough on me.  My email is tied to my phone and every time I hear that chime, my heart skips a beat and all I hear in my head is “this could be a backer, this could be a backer, this could be a backer!”

So far, we have 80 backers so my heart is jumping all over the place! I’ll be OK, don’t worry. Even though we’ve come a long way in a short time, we still have a long road in front of us. Never before has 29% seemed such a huge percentage, but that’s what it’s going to take. 

I implore you to give the Kickstarter campaign a look and please pledge what you can for some amazing rewards! We still have some opportunities to be drawn into the book, exclusive prints, original art, commission opportunities and lots more! Fourteen people have worked their asses off to make this book…but it’s up to you to bring it into reality!

Yours in gratitude,


Thanks so much to all of you who have pledged to make ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ a reality! If you’re still on the fence, please give us a look, we’ve got some amazing rewards for you and a few surprises coming up for backers very soon!

So please consider pledging but if you still can’t, sharing the Kickstarter link via your social circles is worth something as well! Again, to all who have pledged, THANK YOU!


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across an inspiring article about a guy who decided he wasn’t going to let real life obligations prevent him from making a dream come true. That man is Gavin McCumiskey and that dream is making comics!

I had a chance to interview him recently, so read on, be inspired and get to know Green Monkey Comics!


Hello Gavin! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi David, it’s real nice to talk to you.  Well, I have been collecting comics since I was about twelve years of age, with only a small break when I was about 19.  Thankfully I stumbled across a comic shop in Dublin not long after and started collecting again, I picked up some back issues to catch up and get everything back on track.  I now live in Tullamore with my wife Jill and three kids, Scott, Isabelle and Jake.  I am 35 years of age and in full time employment, so all I do with comics is in my spare time.

Tell us about Green Monkey Comics.

Green Monkey Comics came about for several reasons.  In February of this year, I listened to a radio interview with Will Sliney and it sparked a fire in me to write my own comic (unlike Will, my artistic skills are non existant).  After getting a lot of advice and direction from all quarters, I sat down and wrote a few scripts.  I decided to go for short stories with no capes or zombies in sight.  I also decided that I would undertake the publishing process myself and needed a label, hence Green Monkey Comics was born.  The first publication would be the collection of the short stories, under the title Innocent Tales – probably because they are not so innocent…

So ‘Innocent Tales’ is the first book published from Green Monkey Comics. Can you tell us the idea behind the book?

Innocent Tales was indeed the first book published and I picked it up from the printers about three weeks ago.  The idea was to tell a story.  I know comics are a visual medium and I wanted that to be great, but I didn’t want to solely really on it.  So each of the stories I have written are what I like to call, stories for the thoughtful.  On the first read, they will delivery a certain idea or thought, on the second reading, you will definitely get more from the story, and that was my intention with each of them.

Sounds awesome! Where can readers get their hands on a copy?

So far, it is only on sale in shops in Ireland, however, people can buy online through – hopefully, at some stage in the future, I will have my comics stocked in American shops.

What inspires you to write? Is there anything in particular that get the creative juices flowing?

 I have always been creative, however I think my biggest inspiration has come from not wanting to let this life pass me by without doing something that I wanted to do, for myself. 

What artists have you worked with since founding ‘Green Monkey Comics’?

The artists I have worked with are Anthony O’Neill from Ennis, Ger Hankey from Dublin and Steven Richardson (S. Rhoades) from the US of A – great guys and very talented.  For issue 2 I am working with Anthony again, also, Ruairí Coleman, Chris O’Halloran and Eoin Hurrell.  It is great to work with people of such talent.

What comics are you reading these days?

I am reading a lot of Image, Garth Ennis, Batman and Hickman – my tastes have changed a lot over the last couple of years.  My first comics to read every month are Red Team, the new Judge Dredd from IDW, The Wake, Jennifer Blood, Batman, and Half Past Danger from Stephen Mooney and IDW.

What are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future are, Innocent Tales #2 and #3, The Woodsman which is a three issue mini series, SIX, which is a pitch to some of the big boys, and a couple of other top secret projetcs!!

Thanks, Gavin! Tell everyone where they can get more information on ‘Green Monkey Comics’!

 People can look me up through, the facebook page of the same name, twitter @gmccumiskey or e-mail on – thanks for the time mate!


A big thanks to Gavin for taking time out to give us a quick interview! I hope you guys will check out Green Monkey Comics, the guy has truly got his shit together and I can’t wait to see what’s next! My copy of ‘Innocent Tales’ is on the way to me and I’ll post up a full review after I give it a few reads. 

Also, don’t forget ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ Kickstarter launched today! I’m glad to say that it hasn’t even been a full day and we are up to almost $600! Thanks to all who’ve pledged…if you are yet to pledge, I hope you’ll consider it. The book you’ll be getting is top notch work from some of the greatest Indie writers and artists in the world! Together we can make this happen! Thank you all!

The day is finally upon us, our Kickstarter campaign for ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ has now gone live! It’s been a long, long road getting to this point! Please consider pledging to support the book, everyone here at 5d Comics is extremely proud of it and we’ve all worked very hard on it. If you can’t afford to pledge, helping spread the word is also appreciated!


Thanks to every single one of you!