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What’s up y’all.

A couple of things we want to get in front of your eyes real quick.


This is a 30+ page art book that Sean (potatowast3) Fagan put together by gathering some badass artists and asking them to do up some horror/oddity images.


The artists causing nightmares in alphabetical order are :

John Bunger

Claire Connelly

Timothy Conroy

Shawn Daley

Doug Michel

Ray Wegner

and DNS as Himself

RAMSHACKLE: AN ART PRESENTATION while impressive as you flip page by page, can also be unstapled and enjoyed in a couple of other ways.  First, the layout of the book was done with the idea that mini-posters would be available to the book’s owner should the book be taken apart.  Second, if you are a digital colourist than there are some pages in black and white which can be scanned into your favorite photo software and coloured digitally.  This is the reason that we offer two copies with almost every package bundle we have.

Snag a copy of RAMSHACKLE: AN ART PRESENTATION now and have some fun with our art. Once the preorder is over the prices could change.

The other exciting adventure we’d like to point out to you is that Fifth Dimension Comics is starting it’s very own newsletter.  This newsletter is for the TRUE FAN of Fifth Dimension Comics.  On offer will be exclusive behind the scenes W.I.P.s of some of our newest and favourite comic strips, talent hunts, giveaways and a whole shit load of whatever we see fit to pass on to the TRUE FAN!!!

Anyone who signs up for the FIFTH DIMENSION NEWSLETTER will receive a free copy of the RAMSHACKLE pdf in our first email that’ll be going out in November 2015.

As a bonus, anyone who buys RAMSHACKLE: AN ART PRESENTATION at the third package or higher as well as signing up for the 5d Newsletter will have a chance to submit work for RAMSHACKLE VOL.2

Hey kids! NOW is the time if you’d like to help support our new graphic novel, ‘Obscura: Collected Edition’! We are 9% away from the finish line and we’d be forever in your debt if you help us get there! Click here to help out and get amazing rewards!

In return you’ll get the best indie book on the market, full of savage, no holds barred tales and packed with incredible art. Join the fun!


Hey kids,

Just thought I’d let you all know that the ‘Obscura: Collected Edition’ Kickstarter is LIVE right now! Our campaign is currently 67% funded! I hope you’ll consider backing us and spreading the word, this is without a doubt the pinnacle of our work here at Fifth Dimension Comics. You will NOT REGRET it! Thank you for supporting independent comics!!!

Collects Obscura # 1-4.


I am speaking, of course, of my collaboration with artist Shannon Gretzon, CHEWLER which is in it’s last days on Kickstarter right now! We approached Kickstarter with some reservations…first, Chewler is a niche book, no doubt. It’s becoming clear that people don’t like stuff that isn’t done in the Marvel “house style” and that’s fine. Secondly, it’s an odd duck of a book…it reminds us of a midnight movie in a way. It’s got glowing reviews and people who’ve read it, love it. But it’s never a mainstream success.

Chewler is the Eraserhead of comics!

So please, I beg you to give our Kickstarter a look before it’s too late. I’d love to share this book with the world but only people like you can make that happen!

Thanks everyone!


It’s been a while since we announced that we are putting a book together but we had to be a little vague with the details. We are proud to be able to finally announce all the awesomeness we have cooking! First up, here is a sneak peak at one of our covers for the book! The mighty D.N.S. crafted this beautiful cover and we couldn’t be more happy with it! Remember, there may be additional limited edition variant covers if you’re good.

Next up, I’d like to let you know who is working to make ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ the best indie book you’ve ever seen.

D.N.S. @portless – D.N.S. will be putting in quite a bit of work on the book turning in art for three comics, various art for the prose pieces, pinups and cover art. He is co-founder of 5d Comics and none of this would be possible without him!

Philip Andrew Nolte @PANolte – Philip of inkspot comics has a heavy workload as well. He’ll be writing, lettering, editing and co-designing the book.

Dennis Coyle lll @BrainDivide – Dennis is doing amazing work on a story, pinup and art for a prose piece. His detailed style is the definition of eye candy.

Daniel Horowitz @HorowitzCentral – Daniel is an accomplished writer who is contributing a story or two. His scripts are so well written that they could be enjoyed as stand alone prose pieces. We are honored and privileged to have him on board!

Ally Miller @MrAllyMillar – Ally is a prose writer from London. He penned two short stories for us that blew me away! He is one of those rare writers who seems to have an endless supply of creativity that makes me jealous as a fellow writer.

Priesty @alien18jp – Priesty is an artist who also comes to us from across the pond. I discovered his work via Twitter and was impressed with his art style. I knew I needed to get him to contribute to the book. I asked for something scary and holy shit did he deliver! Just wait until you see what he’s got in store for you. Nightmares will ensue.

Shawn Langley @Shawn_Langley – Shawn is an artist who I’ve admired ever since I discovered his comic,’Earthruler’. I was lucky enough to get him to do a pinup for the project (which can be seen in his etsy store). Shawn turned in an incredible version of ‘The Magician’ which is a tale from the book. It is truly an awesome piece! We will offer prints of it via Kickstarter when the campaign launches.

Erica Crockett @EricaCrockett – – Erica is a prolific writer who is going to be writing a prose piece for the project. The accompanying art will be done by Dennis. She is guaranteed to deliver some darkness that will keep you up at night!

That is the confirmed lineup as of today! There are a few more additions to be announced soon as well. Please check out all these artists and writers, give them some love and keep your eyes open for info on how you can secure a copy of ‘The Wisdom of Fools’ for yourself via Kickstarter!

Also, if you are a sequential artist who would like to possibly join the team, drop me an email at and provide examples of your work. We are looking to put on one more team member.

Thanks for reading!