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2013 was a banner year for us. With the success of our Kickstarter project, The Wisdom of Fools (read a review of the book on my site, and the beginning of a variety of new, awesome web comics, we’ve decided to make 2014 even better. Filled full of more comics, short- and long-form stories, amazing artwork and more. Boy, do we have some things planned for you.

Following on from the success of The Wisdom of Fools, we plan on putting together another anthology. Our main focus will be upon our ‘evolved anthology’ called Ascension: Tales from a Dying World, which currently has eleven creators attached. The anthology will feature a series of stories which all take place in the same world, and at some point, all of the stories will converge, to create a linked universe. Ascension will be one of Fifth Dimension’s brainchildren for the year, and having read the first story (written by David M. Brown and with art by Sean Seal) I promise you, you will not want to miss out on this fantasy/sci-fi epic.

There are also very loose plans for a follow-up to The Wisdom of Fools, and this time, it will be a sci-fi anthology. However, with the current workload focussing predominantly on Ascension, The Wisdom of Fools 2 will be sitting pretty on the back burner.

Fans of The Magician rejoice! Everyone’s favourite surly hit-man will return in his own on-going web comic called Closing Down, and will be written by Brown and with art by D.N.S. Again, this project is on the backburner for this year, but we plan on releasing some pages before the year is over.

Adding to our army of web comics, there are several new ones on their way, as well as all the usual’s. The new title, Kali, will be from Erica Crockett and Jason Themm! The others are still too early to be announced but they are on their way.

Like your comics a bit off the wall? David Brown and Shannon Gretzon have got you covered! Their insane new book titled ‘Chewler’ is on the way. Aliens, Hitler, a computer named Grandmother Supreme, a cat named Curly and tentacles. Prepare yourself.

Last but not least, Dennis Coyle III and David Brown will be releasing a 44 page story called Plague Doktor (the eagle-eyed among you may remember seeing a teaser for this in The Wisdom of Fools!). Touted by Brown as being one of his best ever scripts and with jaw-dropping art from Coyle, we here at Fifth Dimension Comics are very, very excited to bring this new project to our readers.

So there you have it. We’re gonna make this year ours, and the world is never quite going to be the same again…

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