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Posted: December 16, 2014 in Web Exclusive Comics
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Even sickos like us love the holidays…have a great Christmas, Heathens! Be ready to shed some blood in the new year…

And now, the 5d X-mas card, special for you.


Our final tale of the year reveals Santa’s secret weapon…

Santa’s Close Call

Pencils, Colors and Letters by: Sean Fagan

Written by: David M. Brown



Slay Bells

Written by: Brian Beeler

Pencils, Inks and Colors by: Jeremy Mathes

Letters by: Sean Fagan





A new take on an old classic!

Written by: Ari Carr

Art by: D.N.S.

Letters by: Philip A. Nolte

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00 - page template (single)

Although I find religion in general repulsive , I’ve always loved Christmas. This time of year used to truly inspire me, make me feel warm and fuzzy and all that. Then of course you grow up, find out the holidays are really about consumerism and greed and you get a little bit jaded…well, at least that is how it went down for me. The result, of course, is a fucked up Christmas comic! There will be 3 total x-mas tales comics coming your way over the next couple weeks so stay tuned and buckle up!

Fifth Dimension Comics proudly presents:

The Shill List

Art by: D.N.S.

Written by: David M. Brown

Letters by: Sean Fagan


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