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(A spoiler-free review)

Eustace: Don’t go talking that injun mumbo-jumbo now.

Jack: You know it to be true, White Devil.

What’s wrong with me?

I’ve known the name ‘King Bone Press’ for quite a while now, they run with the same Twitter crowd as I do, I’ve really liked all the art I’ve seen from them…so what took me so long to get hip? I’m not really sure. Probably the fact that I myself am overwhelmingly busy making comics…but still, no excuse.

But hey, good news! I finally got off my ass and showed them some support! I’m glad I did because the book I’m reviewing is awesome! It’s not titled ‘Awesome’ but it could be. This book is called ‘Hellbillies’ and she’s a beauty! It’s brought to us by the aforementioned King Bone Press. Written and lettered by Jon Westhoff, art by Bryan Boles and colors by the world’s greatest Canadian, Sean Fagan.

The short, bare bones synopsis goes something like this: Something weird is stirring in the southern backwoods of America. Eustace Conway and his merry gang of misfits do their damnedest to keep the world safe from all manner of monsters and oddities. Joined by a tough chick claiming to be a reporter, we follow them on an adventure to stop a pissed off mythological creature.

Immediately after opening the book, I was struck by how well the ‘backwoods’ feel was captured by the creative team. Boles’s style leans to the cartoon side which is perfect for the tone of this book. Westhoff moves things along nicely with enough characterization and humor to keep those pages turning. Fagan, who’s skills have been honed on comics like Monkey Squad One and a few 5d projects, offers up his best work yet as his colors kept me absorbed in the setting of the book. Well done all around!

My favorite character was Eustace’s Dad who brought to mind Hank Hill’s little bastard father from King of the Hill. He had my favorite moments from the book which I won’t ruin for you here. Suffice it to say though, I want more. Not sure what that says about me as a person but hey, who has the time for introspection when there are comics to read (and write).

I’m not one to spoil things so I’ll stop here but let it be known, King Bone Press is the real deal. I’ve had the pleasure of reading another of their books titled ‘Caperbet’ and it too was top shelf stuff. Their back catalog is fairly deep and a couple of the books, including this one, are available on Comixology. Hellbillies is a really fun read and I can’t recommend it enough…now I better get back to making comics…can’t let King Bone have all the glory now can I?

-David M. Brown

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