Let’s make Chewler happen folks!

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There is a new Kickstarter going on for Chewler a new book from friends of The Gravy Age David M. Brown (author of the creepy Obscura, that I loved) from Fifth Dimension Comics, with art by the brain-melting Shannon Gretzon from Exspastic Comics (that I interviewed here) and letterer Sean Fagan (who… isn’t Donald Fagan from Steely Dan? I didn’t think out this parenthetical ahead of time). What’s not to love about this book? Nazi’s? The internet loves those! I dare you to get into an argument online and see how long it takes for them to get mentioned. Aliens? Look, if you don’t know they run everything. Clones? Everybody wants a clone, but one that’s just dumb enough to go to work for you, because face it, it might rain out there and you don’t want to put on pants, besides, Rockford Files is on. Go check…

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Here at 5d Comics, we like to give you presents for the holidays…especially a day like Halloween which is firmly rooted in evil. With that said:

Fifth Dimension Comics proudly presents:




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Chewler graphic novel Kickstarter!

Hello Heathens!

A while back, artist Shannon Gretzon (The Disgruntled Avenger, Completely Inaccurate) and myself (David M. Brown, ‘The Wisdom of Fools, Obscura’) decided to come together and create something that we both feel akin to…something odd…something insane. Half out of a dream and half out of imagination, ‘Chewler’ was born!

The Kickstarter for the graphic novel of ‘Chewler’ is just about ready to unleash itself upon an unsuspecting world! So if you’re in the mood for a balls out insane adventure involving clones, bots, tentacle monsters, skinheads, cats named Curly and a freeze dried Hitler, you’ll want to keep any eye on this very space. When the Kickstarter goes live, I’ll post up a link here!

Of course you can keep up with us on Twitter and get updates as they happen! http://www.twitter.com/5dComics

Come Suckle My Child – flash fiction inspired by Sean Seal

Come Suckle My Child

Written by: David M. Brown

Art and Inspiration by: Sean Seal



           IX   VI   III   VII

-Suffer onto me-

            A lone candle provided the dim light in the otherwise pitch black cellar. My cage was so tight, so restrictive that no matter what angle I managed, my neck was bent at a painful angle. Time lost meaning down there. It could have been days…it could have been years since I’d seen the sun.

With no clothes to cover my body, my ribs showed themselves, the faint candle light seemed to only illuminate my decay. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to twitch. Things that I could not see moved about me, scurrying things with many legs. Sometimes these things would crawl up my back and wake me from whatever fever induced madness I was lost too. More than once, these crawling mysteries became my meal.

Every so often, a beam of white light would appear and my eyes would explode with pain. A group of things…humans I think, would gather around my cage and chant. After their prayer, a hand would reach into my cage and two fingers would dig into my mouth until finally emerging with a trophy. It didn’t take long before my mouth was empty of teeth. The white light would leave and the chanting beings with it, leaving me to weep myself into unconsciousness.

More indiscriminate time passed, I ate more mysteries. The acrid smell of piss and shit was becoming too much to handle. I vomited bile onto my chest…there was nothing else in me. I prayed for death almost constantly. The part of me that relied on logic was dead and rotting. I was becoming some blind, alien animal. Back to the blackness.

A dull red light summoned me back from the void. My dry eyes peered out from two faint slits in my face. It took time for my eyes to adjust but they finally remembered what their purpose was. What I saw then, was worse than all the darkness had ever been. My cage was surrounded by hooded beings, chanting in monotones. Standing directly in front of me, a fat, naked man with dried blood flecked all over his body. His eyes remained closed as he unhinged the lock on my cage, the chanting never letting up.

Without seeing, a fat hand clutched my leg and in an instant, my own naked body was on the damp dirt floor of the cellar. My eyes adjusted even more and I could make out some shape carved into the ground…a weird, esoteric thing I did not recognize. The chanting increased in volume as I was pulled upwards by my brittle hair and set on my knees in front of the large, bloody man.

The man’s powerful hand shoved my face into the cold flesh of his sagging chest. I could feel the rough flecks of the dried blood from his chest scraping my lips. He maneuvered my head until my toothless mouth found his nipple. The chanting was now more screaming than anything else…inhuman voices, alien voices screeched from inside their hoods! My urge to vomit was great but there was nothing left to be expelled.

The naked man forced my cracked lips apart and his cold nipple slid into my mouth. Some instinctual remembrance moved my jaw of its own accord. Then, with a hideous realization, I tasted a semi-sweet fluid in my mouth. This man was feeding me…and I was complicit! I tugged and pumped at his nipple with the hunger of a newborn. I was ravenous…I felt strength returning to my rotted body!

Looking down as the naked man moved me from one nipple to the other, I discovered he was aroused. Somehow this didn’t strike me as troubling…whatever was happening to me began to feel natural. It’s like I’d done this before and had only forgotten the details.

The screams of the hooded turned to howls of animal agony as they moved closer…ever closer. I sucked at the tit of the fat man until it was empty of its sweet reward. The chanting hoods were so close; my arms brushed into their cloaks…and to my surprise, felt no occupying mass there. What were these things?

I looked into the face of the naked man and I took the last drop from him and it was clear to me what was to come next. He opened his mouth as if to speak but only teeth…my teeth dribbled from his lips like pieces of yellowed candy. My hand, as if guided by an unseen force, reached into his mouth and down his throat. Soon, my entire arm to my shoulder had entered the man. Inside of him, my hand clutched his heart…the howls of the hooded were deafening.

I squeezed.

Everything went black.

I wake up with vague memories. No matter, all that is important now is food. Kill the hunger. All thirty-five of my legs moved in unison as I go off to hunt in the dark cellar.

Moonshine and Mythological Creatures! A ‘Hellbillies’ #0 Review! (King Bone Press, 2014)


(A spoiler-free review)

Eustace: Don’t go talking that injun mumbo-jumbo now.

Jack: You know it to be true, White Devil.

What’s wrong with me?

I’ve known the name ‘King Bone Press’ for quite a while now, they run with the same Twitter crowd as I do, I’ve really liked all the art I’ve seen from them…so what took me so long to get hip? I’m not really sure. Probably the fact that I myself am overwhelmingly busy making comics…but still, no excuse.

But hey, good news! I finally got off my ass and showed them some support! I’m glad I did because the book I’m reviewing is awesome! It’s not titled ‘Awesome’ but it could be. This book is called ‘Hellbillies’ and she’s a beauty! It’s brought to us by the aforementioned King Bone Press. Written and lettered by Jon Westhoff, art by Bryan Boles and colors by the world’s greatest Canadian, Sean Fagan.

The short, bare bones synopsis goes something like this: Something weird is stirring in the southern backwoods of America. Eustace Conway and his merry gang of misfits do their damnedest to keep the world safe from all manner of monsters and oddities. Joined by a tough chick claiming to be a reporter, we follow them on an adventure to stop a pissed off mythological creature.

Immediately after opening the book, I was struck by how well the ‘backwoods’ feel was captured by the creative team. Boles’s style leans to the cartoon side which is perfect for the tone of this book. Westhoff moves things along nicely with enough characterization and humor to keep those pages turning. Fagan, who’s skills have been honed on comics like Monkey Squad One and a few 5d projects, offers up his best work yet as his colors kept me absorbed in the setting of the book. Well done all around!

My favorite character was Eustace’s Dad who brought to mind Hank Hill’s little bastard father from King of the Hill. He had my favorite moments from the book which I won’t ruin for you here. Suffice it to say though, I want more. Not sure what that says about me as a person but hey, who has the time for introspection when there are comics to read (and write).

I’m not one to spoil things so I’ll stop here but let it be known, King Bone Press is the real deal. I’ve had the pleasure of reading another of their books titled ‘Caperbet’ and it too was top shelf stuff. Their back catalog is fairly deep and a couple of the books, including this one, are available on Comixology. Hellbillies is a really fun read and I can’t recommend it enough…now I better get back to making comics…can’t let King Bone have all the glory now can I?

-David M. Brown

Get your King Bone Press goodies at www.kingbonepress.com and follow them on Twitter @KingBonePress!

Obscura: Volume One on sale now! Only $5!

Hello faithful 5d readers!

We’re back with our newest book…the first of a new series called, ‘Obscura’. The idea for it originated out of the fact that I had a lot of little shorts lying around that were either too odd, weird or just plain fucked up to fit anywhere else. After some meetings with the mighty D.N.S., we decided to compile 4 or so shorts and a handful of pinups and release them as single volumes of what would come to be called ‘Obscura’. More issues are already in the works and we’re hoping for a quarterly release schedule.

You can pick your copy up AT OUR STORE for only $5!


But what the hell is inside you ask? Here is a sample from the book…a few pages from the tale, ‘Seed’.







Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn….find out what happens to poor Karen in Obscura: Volume One!

Written by: David M. Brown

Art by: D.N.S.

Lettered by: Sean Fagan