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Submission Agenda cov


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What’s up y’all.

A couple of things we want to get in front of your eyes real quick.


This is a 30+ page art book that Sean (potatowast3) Fagan put together by gathering some badass artists and asking them to do up some horror/oddity images.


The artists causing nightmares in alphabetical order are :

John Bunger

Claire Connelly

Timothy Conroy

Shawn Daley

Doug Michel

Ray Wegner

and DNS as Himself

RAMSHACKLE: AN ART PRESENTATION while impressive as you flip page by page, can also be unstapled and enjoyed in a couple of other ways.  First, the layout of the book was done with the idea that mini-posters would be available to the book’s owner should the book be taken apart.  Second, if you are a digital colourist than there are some pages in black and white which can be scanned into your favorite photo software and coloured digitally.  This is the reason that we offer two copies with almost every package bundle we have.

Snag a copy of RAMSHACKLE: AN ART PRESENTATION now and have some fun with our art. Once the preorder is over the prices could change.

The other exciting adventure we’d like to point out to you is that Fifth Dimension Comics is starting it’s very own newsletter.  This newsletter is for the TRUE FAN of Fifth Dimension Comics.  On offer will be exclusive behind the scenes W.I.P.s of some of our newest and favourite comic strips, talent hunts, giveaways and a whole shit load of whatever we see fit to pass on to the TRUE FAN!!!

Anyone who signs up for the FIFTH DIMENSION NEWSLETTER will receive a free copy of the RAMSHACKLE pdf in our first email that’ll be going out in November 2015.

As a bonus, anyone who buys RAMSHACKLE: AN ART PRESENTATION at the third package or higher as well as signing up for the 5d Newsletter will have a chance to submit work for RAMSHACKLE VOL.2

Our Fifth Dimension Comics workhorse is blasting through inktober by creating poster-worthy images based on his favourite horror movies.

So far DNS is 11 days deep into the project and we feel it’s now time to share some of what he’s been doing.

All of the images will be available through him for a crazy low price of $31 each.

If you see one you like, hit him up on twitter.

Here is his Day 1 take on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Freddy is the subject of Inktober: Day 2


Day 3


Day 4



More DNS Inktober


-Lucky Thirteen-

David M. Brown     Sean Fagan



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I can’ believe nobody called that thumb out for looking very cock-like!!


And now what you’ve all been waiting to see………






DNS and Potatowast3 would like to start the countdown to Halloween with a fantastic sale of original art for you Heathens.


For a limited time, 5d comics is offering 4″x 6″ one of a kind Halloween themed sketch cards.

For $10 USD, the workhorse and the editor will create something fun and spooky just for you!

The offer ends at the stroke of midnight October 30th, 2015


Check out the Big Cartel Store and get yourself and early Halloween treat!

This is England

Words: David M. Brown

Art: D.N.S.

“Well, I suppose this is fucking England now”, Rob said as he stared out the apartment window. We’d moved all the way to the top floor of the building, barricaded the ground level doors shut and cut the elevator cord with these huge industrial bolt cutters I found outside. The bastard things almost got me killed…so goddamn heavy I couldn’t outrun the Things.. Thank Christ for Rob, his four years of university baseball and his aluminum bat.

Rob stands peering out the top story window, I notice the blood on his shirt has dried a deep raspberry jam. “It’s not getting any better. It’s not thinning out”.

I know in my heart he’s right but I’m not ready to admit it to myself yet. “C’mon, the Things are moving through. They will eventually all go to wherever they’re heading”.

“It’s been almost two weeks for fuck’s sake. We’ve got maybe three days of ravioli left. What happens when we need to go out there?”, Rob spits.

I don’t have an answer for him. I don’t have an answer for me. So I bite my lip, stand up and put my arm around him. Rob turns away from me and back to the window. He looks down at the Things with some mix of morbid fascination and utter, primal hate. They scuttle down the city street in between the buildings just rotting through their clothes. The sun bakes them and they don’t care. So many questions…why did this happen…what happened?

I wish Mrs. Martin was still with us. She was always so calm, so level headed. But she’s gone now. They’re all gone now. Now it’s only me and Rob. Hot-headed, unreasonable Rob. A guy I saw around the building for years before all this happened. A guy I’ve never liked. I’ve seen how he looks at me sometimes, he doesn’t know but I see him. But what would I do without him? Stay here alone? Chew on my finger nails until i’m left with bloody finger tips? Die alone in this hot fucking room?

Night came on slowly and the constant moan of the crowd of Things became more sinister the darker it got. I’ve almost become used to it. It’s like when you grow up around train tracks you can’t go to sleep without the sound of steel wheels grinding on the rails. As the hours wore on, Rob drifted to sleep sitting against the wall with a frustrated look on his face. I wasn’t far behind. I finished my ravioli and curled up on the kitchen floor using an old shirt we found as my pillow. Sleep was never restful, between the heat and the constant nightmares, I may as well have stayed awake…I wish I had.

When light finally did crack my eyelids, I woke up to blood.

Rob, slumped in the corner. Rob, his head hung at a strange angle. Rob, fresh gore running from his wrists onto the rickety wooden floor. Rob. Dead.

I get to my feet, strangely calm. I walk to the window and look down at the mess of Things still moving by in droves.

“This is England”, I say out loud. Whether or not I say it to myself or Rob, I don’t know.


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