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Hey everyone! One of our (and many other independent creators) biggest supporters is a great guy named Patrick Russell. Patrick is blind but still finds a way to help out others. He is blogging and tweeting non-stop about indie projects and helping spread the word for creators like us. Nobody asks him to do it, he just does it because, like I said, he’s a great guy.

Well, that same great guy who helps everyone else out needs our help. Patrick is losing his home and his pets. If he doesn’t come up with enough money, he will end up in a hospital and his pets will likely be put down.  Clearly, this would be a horrible thing and we’ve decided to help in the only way we can…by spreading the word and putting a charity together.

First and foremost, you can donate directly to his fund at:


Buy a copy of The Wisdom of Fools from here: between now and Monday, Jan. 6th and 100% of the proceeds go to Patrick


Purchase any of the following original black and white art from us by emailing with the details of which piece you’d like (every cent goes to Patrick):

Breaking Bad by D.N.S. – 8×10 on Bristol. $50  SOLD!

-Santa’s Close Call B&W original art pages (each panel is a full page!) by Sean Fagan – $30 each

-Geist B&W original art pages by Jeremy Mathes – $30 each

(All pages shown below)

Here is Patrick’s story:

“We have been trying for over 18 months to figure out some other living arrangement. Costs of property and houses here are way out of our price range. Section 8 help has a 6-12 month waiting. So we got the idea why not put a used mobile home here beside the house and then tear the house down. We called over 300 charities, 200 plus churches and religious places, and contacted every local, state and federal agency to find a loan or some way to pay for a mobile home.

After almost year we finally got a grant for part of the cost and was going to finance the rest when Granville said we could not put the mobile home here. Since the grant was to put the home on HIS OWN land we could not use the money to put it in a park. The mobile home company got tired of waiting and sold it.

We had to start over in September 2013. We decided the best thing to do would be sell the house and buy something else. It has been very hard to do. There are very few affordable houses here and now time has run out. Today Patrick was served written notice that on Monday Jan. 6 the city is condemning the house.

Unless we can find a place to move and money to pay for it, Patrick will be going to the hospital, the older dogs will most likely be put down and I will be going to the homeless shelter.”

Please help if you can!

Up first are Sean’s ‘Santa’s Close Call’ pages…remember, each panel is a page that you can buy! Just email me at and put Patrick in the subject line.







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