Punk ‘n Hood #3 ‘The Great Outdoors’

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Punk ‘n Hood #3

‘The Great Outdoors’


Hope you guys have been digging Punk ‘n Hood so far! Really, what’s not to like? A constant dose of violence for violence’s sake. Consider it therapy.

A couple special things happened for this installment. First, I’m proud to announce that my son, 10 year old David Jr. came up with the idea for this comic. He’s an aspiring comic writer artist so it’s very monumental for him to have ‘published work’. Way to go, bud!

Secondly, the mighty Sean Fagan (@potatowast3) took over lettering duties this week and absolutely killed it (the good kind of ‘killed it’)! I can’t thank Sean enough for stepping up and turning out such quality work.

To see more of Sean’s work, head over to http://www.redbubble.com/people/potatowast3/portfolio

To hear his amazing making comics podcast, ‘The Way of the Comic Book Ronin’ and to check out the comic he works on, ‘Monkey Squad One’, head over to http://thewayofthecomicbookronins.bandcamp.com/merch


Thanks again for reading!


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